Sarah Jackson is a recent RMIT Media graduate, currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

Throughout university Sarah developed an eager interest in digital and social media communications. Sarah likens exploring the developments and advances of this medium to that of a small child discovering the joys of new puppy. Sarah has experience in developing and implementing social media strategies for RMIT University Student Union during her term as Media Officer, where she also created fortnightly e-newsletters, consulted on campaign and event promotion, and supervised the student-run television studio and magazine.

Sarah also has a keen eye for detail, and hence enjoys editing and directing projects with creativity and precision. Having made her directorial debut with recent project Third Time Lucky, she went on to co-direct, produce and edit short documentary An Actor Named Jack and other online projects.

Sarah compliments her film skills with hands on experience working on RMITV’s live flagship television show, Live on Bowen. Here Sarah learnt the ins and outs of running a live television show, covering such roles as floor manager, autocue operator, and camera operator.

Sarah is now keen to extend her skills further into the digital media world. View more media works by Sarah at sarahracheljackson.com. Tweet Sarah at @sarahandjackson.


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